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so what is Dropzone commander

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so what is Dropzone commander

Post  BDA on 2014-08-20, 13:06

Dropzone commander (DzC) has now become more accessible with the release of the cheaper all plastic starter sets opening the game up and reducing the entry level by some way and I thought I would post this so let people know what it is about and see if I can get a few more of you interested.

The cost of the game has been a big turn off for lots of people and I will he honest the resins are not cheap but they are just about the nicest and most detailed miniatures for 10mm I have ever seen, indeed they are more detailed than some of the 28mm miniatures I have seen over the years. With the reduction of the starter sets it basally gets you to a large chunk of your force for a good price and each one is a good basic building block to build a force around.

So what is DzC, well it is a little bit like epic but 10mm not 6mm and wonderfully balanced not to mention still supported. There are now 5 main factions all of whom play in a different way and I will cover them one by one at a later point.
The basic premise of the game is using transports to deploy your forces into the battle field to take objectives (and get said objective off the table) not to mention taking out your opponents units with the cunning use of the units you have to hand.
The game turn brakes down into you move I move sort of thing with you taking it in turns to move and fire with a battle group at a time, each battle group can consisted of mutable squads that can fire and move independently of one another, it is also worth noting that you can move and fire or fire and move as you wish.

What makes this more balanced is the way you create your army and the fact that certain weapons are more effective against certain units, and the fact that the lowly infantry man might not be up to much scratch vs a squad of Tanks but he is the only thing you got to search a building for the objectives. So yes you could take an army with just tanks but you will have a hard time taking out air craft if you do and no way to search for objectives let along getting around a 6x4 table. In all you are encouraged to thing about the army you take carefully and how you play them.

For the background of the game it is sent about 100 something years after the human race got its jam doughnut kicked by the scourge, a parasitic race that takes over host and is an all-out nasty. The human race has now been split into 3 distinct factions, the PHR who ran off with some alien  Orb that forward them of the scourge and are now a super high tech cyper race but full of mystery, the UCM who are the survivors of the scourge attack that managed to get away from the core worlds and have spent the time since building up the largest army the human race has ever seen to take back the core worlds and the resistance who are the scatters survivors who did not make it out and have ever since been trying to survive with ad hock gear on the core worlds held by the scourge .
Onto of this there is the shaltari who are a high tech race of little spiky green men who believe very strongly in the warrior code and like nothing better than a good scrap.
The setting for DzC is day one of the invasion by the UCM to take back the core worlds and the latest expansion carries this on to day 251. 

Back to the new starter sets well with one of these and a heavy unit and a commander and you will soon find you are more or less at the 1500 level needed for playing the bigger games and can then get more units as and when you wish over time.

Any general questions about the game please post here and I and others who play will try and answer them
I will try and do threads for the other factions as and when I can
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LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory

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Re: so what is Dropzone commander

Post  BDA on 2014-08-21, 12:44

Basic rules

You fire all the members of a battle group at a time though individual squads can fire before or after moving if you wish.

In DzC most units have something called active countermeasures that basically detect incoming projectiles and intercept them, (the USA have similar things in development at the moment.) as a result slow-moving projectiles are easier to intercept than a slug from a rail gun traveling mac 4.

This means that all weapons have  values one for shooting at targets without active countermeasures (buildings and infantry most often) this range can be limitless I should point out in the case of rail guns and such. The second range is for shooting at units with active countermeasures and the faster the projectile fired the better the range, so missiles tend to have shorter ranges than a rail gun.

Some weapons like energy weapons cannot be stopped by active countermeasures, such things as plasma, lasers and particle beams and as such they use their full range when shooting, plasma has a very short ranged but can move and fire while as the others have limitless range but cannot be used in the same turn the unit moved normally.

There is another countermeasure called passive countermeasure and this is more or less like a force field that grants you a saving though. Unlike most game systems this is taken once you have been hit not after damage has been rolled.

It is worth noting that lots of units can move faster if they don’t shoot but if they do want to shoot they will be limited by the speed restrictions on the weapons, for an example a Shaltari tomahawk tank  can move flat out 9” but if he wants to shoot his weapon he is limited to 6”.

When shooting you may target different units with your squad or units weapons if you so wish but must declare before rolling what weapon is shooting at what and it must be a specific target in a unit.

It is very easy to hit a target normally 2+ quite often but if it is obscured or a fast moving skimmer it gets harder as you get a +2 modifier so 2+ to hit becomes 4+ or 6+ if it is both fast moving and obscured. And infantry in buildings can be hard to hit if you don’t have the correct weapons, indeed it can often be easier to bring the building down.

To damage a unit you have to compare your weapons energy value vs the targets armour value. Unlike other systems where the values are the same you don’t need a 4+ to damage the target but a 5+ and some weapons are just not powerful enough to damage some targets. If you can roll 2 more than you needed to damage a target then you can do 2 points of damage. So If you need a 4+ to damage something and you roll a 6 you score 2 points of damage.

Another note is some only AA weapons can target flying targets and they have a special rule allowing them to reaction fire if a flyer moves within range but at +2 to hit meaning most of the time they are hitting on a 5+. These weapons can also target fast moving skimmers without penalty.

There are more rules but this gives you the general rules to digest.


You move a battle group at a time but the squads and transports that it is composed off do not need to stay together and are free to go where they want so long as individual squad members stay together. It is important to note that transports for the most part can only carry units they were brought for.

You can move before or after shooting and unless you are a drop ship you can only move on at half speed the turn you arrive. It is well worth using drop ships as most units don’t tend to move fast enough to get around and seeing as lots of missions need to you get to a building, search it and then get off the table with said objective you need speed.

Most ground units will have a hard time getting round as well due to the amount of buildings while aircraft like drop ships and gunships can can fly over most buildings.

Infantry in particular rely on transports as they can only move 2” or so a turn otherwise and tend to die if caught in the open, this means that they will often rely on transports to get them to the building where they will be relatively safe from fire unless they poke their head out the window to take pot shots.

Some units like fast flayers are only on the table for a split second and as such you can only shoot at them with reaction AA fire or try and intercept them with your own fast flayers.
LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory
LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory

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Re: so what is Dropzone commander

Post  BDA on 2014-08-21, 13:04

Unit types:
There are lot of unit types and they all have the role to play, this is a general guide what they do.

A vital part in medium and bigger sized games as they give you access to the command card deck not to mention give you a bonus to going first at the begging the turn. The higher tanking the commander the more command cards he can use each turn and the larger his command radius, this is the area he can use his command cards in.
Command vehicles vary from race to race but they are all powerful units in their own right and you need them to get the full command radius else it is halved if in a non-command unit.
It is common to have one high ranking commander and several sub commanders as so long as the high ranker is alive and in a command vehicle all the lesser commanders get to use his full command radius and if he dies you still get some command units left as well.

They vary from race to racy but are normally the some of the fastest ground units and can take a mix of weapons, there really strength lies in extending your commanders command radius as well as spotting units for your indirect fire units to target.

These are the main line units and you have to have at least one squad in your force. They are often the cheaper option but still pack a punch.

These take many forms and most AA options fall under this option as well as a few more interesting units.

Generally quite weak and dead meet in the open they are versatile when deployed in buildings and can take on aircraft, troops and tanks to one degree or another. They are vital for searching buildings to find objectives.

These are often specialist units can include special forces who are good at clearing buildings of hostile troops.

These are the big guns and will often carry the most dangerous weapons. Often having more damage points as well.

these are either drop ships or APC that rubble along the ground and can in turn be carried by drop ships, there are also hovercraft and subterranean tunnelling marines. They are all there to get your units where they need to go  as fast as possible.
LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory
LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory

Posts : 871
EXP : 3978
Join date : 2011-02-09
Age : 39

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Re: so what is Dropzone commander

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