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the scourge:

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the scourge:

Post  BDA on 2014-08-21, 13:31

The Scourge:
This is the bane of the human race, when they invaded their main host was giant lizard men but now seem to use human host most of all. little is known of where they came from but they are parasitic and will bond with a host for life be it one of their vehicles or a living creature human or otherwise. They are high tech and have skimmers and favour plasma weapons.

These are just about the fastest faction all round with excellent speed and good firepower if short ranged, there armour is not the best but this is offset by the fact there skimmers are hard to hit when moving fast and they can move very fast.

Ground units:
They seem to have a mix of small walkers and skimmers that favour fast moving units to bring their powerful plasma weapons to bare. Once deployed from the drop ship they are more than able to use cover of building to move up and ambush other forces before they have gotten into position.

Drop ships:
Scourge drop ships are fast and adequately armoured and armed. Once they have deployed their cargo they are often free to wonder off to take on targets of opportunity.

Like the UCM they are not much on their own but there are lots of them and when they combine their fire they can threaten most tanks. There elite units are often aliens like the razor worms that can be transported in their heavy tanks and excel at close quarter combat.

Their main flyer is the corsair and is ok as an interceptor and ground attack craft but not the best there is. They do also have nastier gunships.

this is a general overview and there are exception.

Use this thread to ask questions about this faction
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LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory

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Re: the scourge:

Post  WarBunka-Charlie on 2014-08-21, 14:59

I have the starter set,

What units would you recommend me getting next? Razor Worms?

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Re: the scourge:

Post  BDA on 2014-08-21, 15:23

I would recommend getting the desolator as it is your command unit.

 Other units are the tormentor heavy tank as it is very good at clearing troops out of buildings even if they are hiding and can carry razor worms but not so good vs tanks

The slayer is another heavy tank that has two plasma cannons and is good for taking out armoured units and can carry razor worms
LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory
LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory

Posts : 871
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Re: the scourge:

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