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the PHR (humanish )

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the PHR (humanish )

Post  BDA on 2014-08-21, 13:32

The post human republic are an offshoot of humanity shrouded in mystery, they have not hard feelings towards other humans but the UCM in particular hate them as they see them as traitors and will find any excuse to fight them. they are highly advanced using Nano tech and cyber implants in the population.

They are the slowest faction in all and relay the heaviest on their drop ships to get them about. They are however one of the toughest factions and have powerful weapons with average range and some of the best AA units around. They do how ever have small units and are pricy as a rule.

Ground units:
Mainly walkers from small and fast to big hard super heavy walkers along with a few tracked and skimmers. They are slow for the most part but with powerful weapons and a standard range there walkers can mix and match to fill mutable battlefield rolls. They do lack numbers both due to squad size limitations and points. There heavy walkers are just about the hardest thing there is out there but also the slowest.

Drop ships:
PHR drop ships some of the best armoured and the light ones can carry a lot of firepower but they are all slow and carry relatively less than the other races.

Infantry :
There infantry are more powerful than most puck come in smaller numbers compared to both the UCM and scourge.

They only have the one flyer but it is a all-round good bit of kit able to intercept  other flyers or bombe buildings. It dose pay for this in points however.

This is a general overview and there are exception.
Use this thread to ask questions about this faction
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