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Star Trek Attack Wing Battle report 150pts

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Star Trek Attack Wing Battle report 150pts

Post  syxx on 2014-09-10, 09:23

Since there was no club me and tony desided to have a attackwing nite. We played a massive 150pt game klingons vs the feds. tonys fleet consisted of a kitted out voyger captained by pickard with a one shot weapon that rolls 10 attack dice, a fully kitted out org enterprise captained by janeway with transwarp drive meaning it can move 6 forward and keep up with voyger, and a almost stock Reliant. While i had two named K't'inga-class ships one captained by wolf with advanced weapon systems so it can fire while cloaked and one captained by an org era klingon who makes you re roll one attack dice when you attack him, one Bird of Prey class captained by wolfs brother and a card that repairs one hull and turns all crits on the ship back to regular damage, and one Vor'cha-class captained by chang with advanced weapon systems.

I really wasnt  holding out much hope on this my ships at best have 3 upgrades each i went for numbers and im up against two kitted out battle ships. well first round i went for it go for the throat and went forward 4 on every ship but so did tony transwarping forward 6 and moving flat out 6 with voyger its going to get messy i cloacked across the board and tony did some sneaky double actions.

turn 2 i move in slowly to get a good fireing arc, i fire everybody and i think i take out one shield on voyger and cripple the Reliant taking it out the game but decloacking  in front of two battle ships eeekkkk. next round we all come in i re cloak on my 2 that dont have advanced weapon systems, tony target locks ready for a 10 dice attack he gets a few into the bird of prey but really didnt do alot of damage got 1 hit two crits on me and stopped me from shooting him back i get lucky shooting voyger and take its shields and and knock it to 1 hull remaining then a round off moving around each other i get a few more lucky shots on the enterprise and get though to hull and they run to try and get a better angle and tony calls it was a realy fun game didnt think for a min id win it.

thanks tony

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LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory

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Re: Star Trek Attack Wing Battle report 150pts

Post  BDA on 2014-09-10, 12:50

very good sir Smile
get them goody two shoes humans LOL
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LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory

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