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The Time of Legends

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The Time of Legends

Post  RemoteRyan on 2010-08-17, 08:12

Sigmar, chieftain of the Unberogens, unites the tribes of man and offers hope in the face of rising darkness. At Black Fire Pass he wins his greatest victory turning back the greenskin tide and sets about forging the Empire.

Far to the south, thousands of years before, the high priest Nagash discovers the secret of immortal life, and masters the arts of dark magic to conquer a nation. The shadow of the Lord of the Undead, as he will come to be known, is long and everlasting – one day it will touch the Empire and Sigmar himself…

The name of Malekith lives forever in infamy in the history of the elves. His dark ambition instigates the civil war that will engulf the magical island of Ulthuan and tear a race in half. The echoes of that struggle will sound for eternity…

These are the legendary heroes and events that shaped the Warhammer World.

Legend of Sigmar
Book 1 - Heldenhammer by Graham McNeill
It is a time of legends. The lands of the old World are wild and untamed, where the primitive tribes of men struggle for survival. In this time of peril, by virtue of his valorous deeds, a young man claims leadership of the Unberogen tribe. His name is Sigmar Heldenhammer, and his actions will change history forever. This is the story of how Sigmar rose to power, culminating in the Battle of Black Fire Pass, where men and dwarfs fought against the vast hordes of orcs in their quest to safeguard the future of the Empire.

Book 2 - Empire by Graham McNeill
Having driven back the orc invaders, Sigmar unites the tribes of men and founds the Empire. The fledgling empire grows, but its prosperity is not assured. The lands are still wild and untamed, and many enemies lurk in the forests and the mountains. When a Chaos invasion sweeps down from Norsca, the ensuing conflict tests the abilities of Sigmar and his chieftains to the utmost.

Book 3 - God King by Graham McNeill
Sigmar, the first Emperor, is a god amongst men, a peerless leader and an unbreakable warrior. Having defeated the Chaos invasion of Middenheim, the Empire knows a measure of peace. But in the vast deserts of Nehekhara, another empire is rising. Nagash, the most feared of necromancers, is determined to claim dominance over the Old World, crushing all before him with an unstoppable and nightmarish army. Legions of unnatural creatures swarm the Empire. Sigmar must defend the lands of the living from the hordes of the dead and prevent Nagash's terrible vision of power coming true.

Rise of Nagash
Book 1 - Nagash the Sorcerer by Mike Lee
Two millennia before the time of Sigmar, the Nehekharan empire flourished in the hot desert lands far to the south of the Old World. Unbeknown to its people, this mighty kingdom is about to be shaken to its very foundations, when a quest for ultimate power will damn the land and its people forever.

Next in the ground breaking Time of Legends series, Mike Lee tells the bitter story of the rise of Nagash, a priest king whose quest for immortality would unleash a plague of death and evil in a time when the dead will rise again.

Book 2 - Nagash the Unbroken by Mike Lee
The powerful necromancer Nagash, having suffered defeat on the battlefield at the hands of the priest kings, is forced to lick his wounds in the mountains of Nehekhara. Over time he rebuilds his strength and finds new allies in the skaven, mutant ratmen that live beneath the earth. In his new lair of Cripple Peak, the necromancer discovers something dark and powerful – warpstone. Coveted by the skaven, this magical rock could make the evil Nagash unstoppable…

Book 3 - Nagash Immortal by Mike Lee
In the tunnels of Nagashizzar, a new threat to the realm of the undead is rising. Nagash must call upon all his reserves of power to defeat the skaven assault and continue his unholy reign. But when Nagash realises he can use his enemy for his own nefarious needs, an uneasy alliance is struck and a vast, nightmarish army is formed. The necromancer launches his final attack on the lands of Nehekhara, sweeping all before him. Only one man dare stand in his way – Alcadizzar, a peerless warrior and the leader of a defiant force. Their confrontation will not just decide the fate of Nehekhara, but of all the Old World.

The Sundering
Book 1 - Malekith by Gav Thorpe
Passed over to succeed as king, elf general Malekith is wracked by jealousy and bitterness. Under the pretence of rooting out the pernicious cult of pleasure that is corrupting elf society from within, Malekith plots his revenge. When he betrays Phoenix King Bel-Shanaar and attempts to seize power for himself, Malekith triggers a tragic sequence of events that plunges the realm of the elves into a civil war from which they will never recover.

Malekith begins the epic tale of the Sundering by Gav Thorpe, and continues the Time of Legends series.

Book 2 - Shadow King by Gav Thorpe
When his family is betrayed and slain, Alith Anar, ill-fated prince of the Nagarythe, is forced to walk a dark path. With the island of Ulthuan in the grip of a civil war with their evil counterparts, the druchii, Alith Anar follows his destiny to become the Shadow King. Hunting his enemies from the darkness, he is now on a quest for vengeance that will never end.

Book 3 - Caledor by Gav Thorpe
The rise of the Druchii has driven the land of Ulthuan into a brutal civil war. As conflict rages through the cities and forests, sides must be chosen and old allegiances and friendships will be torn apart forever. After by the betrayal by Malekith and the murder of his court, Prince Imrik adopts the name of his grandfather, the mighty Caledor, and the bloodshed escalates. No elf can escape the fighting, and the mighty dragons are awakened to the call of battle once more. Only a confrontation between legends can decide the future of Ulthuan, with Malekith and Caledor meeting blade to blade in a long-overdue reckoning. But even worse is to follow, as Malekith launches a final, desperate plan to triumph...

Caledor is the epic conclusion to The Sundering trilogy, telling the incredible tale of the battles that would change the fate of the elves forever.
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