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OBBLM How to create you team. In 8 Easy steps

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OBBLM How to create you team. In 8 Easy steps

Post  Jimmy_Jazz on 2014-10-13, 20:30

So here's a little guide on how to create your teams on the OBBLM website. Its something every coach should be able to do.

Step1: Turn on your PC and and connect to the interweb, wait  a minute if your reading this then you've all ready done that so skip to step2

Step2: Load up the OBBLM page http://brgaleeg.obblm.com/index.php?section=main  And login (you may need a pasword and login from Frank) and click Coach Corner in the top left corner (2nd box in).

Step3: In the lower row of boxes click New Team (2nd in from the right). See where we're going with this Wink

Step4: In the New team box name your team. There's no need to put "The" and if this team is for the open leauge pre-fix it with OPEN. Chose which race your team is and leaugue is BRGA!

Step5: Click on Coaches Teams (first box on the left of the lower row of boxes) or Coach Corner. And there's your new team Smile Well There is stiil quite a bit to do like buy all your players and team goods such as Re-Rolls, Appothscary, Fan Factor, cheerleaders and asstant coaches.
Step6: So you should have a blue box to the left Team info and statistics and a brown one in the middle Team management. And its in this one we go to work. So its all ready on hire player, thats what we want to do so we don't need to change that for now. In the lower half of the box select which postion you want, chose the number (1-16) works best and name your player, this adds to the fluff and makes you cry when they die Laughing click OK. Repeat untill you have at least 11 players. Ignore the journy man part your team will not need this for your first game.

Step7 In the Team Management box at the top where it should say hire player scroll down and select Buy team goods. Select which goods you want and click OK. Repeat untill you have all the goods you or can afford.

Step8 In the Team Management box again select Set ready state. Tick the little box in the lower half(may allready be ticked) and click OK. There you have it, your team created and ready to play
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