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some Tips for Orks

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some Tips for Orks

Post  BDA on 2015-01-14, 12:34

I know we have some new Ork Players at club and I know you chaps could do with some tips on using them so I asked a friend who has been playing orks for some 20 years.

Here is what I got from him

tip one:
99% of Orks suck at shooting and every gun you pay for is points wasted and every turn you spend shooting is a turn wasted not getting closer to get into combat. and get the power claws into combat as soon as possible no matter what.

tip two:
Don’t waste points on heavy weapons for a mob, mobs are there only to get the power claw welding loony into combat, if they kill something on the way into combat then that is just a bonus.
A boss poll is a must have in all units but heavy armour is rather situational depending on who you are going up against.

Tip three:
Don’t hold back, go in with everything you can and pile pressure on from the get go.

Tip four:
Ork bikers are super nasty and if upgraded they to nobs they are even nastier and a must have. Add a painboy and a warboss for the win.

Tip five:
Lootas are scary so take them even if they don’t get to shoot use can use them to control the table.

Tip six:
Just cos you can upgrade something does not mean you have to. a basic battlewagon is a lot more useful than one equipped with lots of guns as it gets your boys to the fight and they can charge out of it in safety.

Tip seven:
Orks are not marines so stop playing like they are, overwhelm your opponent with body’s. Grots are often underestimated and good for a sneaky objective grab.

Tip eight:
A long deffkopta is better than a squad as the squad is likely to run off after taking a loss.

Tip nine:
If you want to shoot with something use big guns and Kans.

Tip ten:
If it seems like a good laugh, do it.
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