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The pit falls of upgrades.

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The pit falls of upgrades. Empty The pit falls of upgrades.

Post  BDA on 2015-01-21, 13:03

While upgrades for units can be very useful and game changing at times it is important not to get too carried away with them. for each point you spend on an upgrade you are denying yourself more units that can in turn be far more useful.

Think carefully about the upgrades you are taking, will you get to use them, will they be cost effective?

Some things like power claws for a Ork warboss are always a good bet (so long as you get him into combat) but others might prove to be more of a waste than others.

For example if I upgrade my avenger’s to have a shimmer shield it gives them a 5++ save, very handy vs heavy weapons and such but If I am keeping them in a transport or cover it is not nearly as useful to me and is a waste of points I could use elsewhere.
If I take a predator with twin lass cannons and upgrade it to have heavy bolters then I will be wasting heavy bolters when shooting the lass cannon at tanks and the wasting the lass cannon when shooting the heavy bolters at infantry.
Another example, there is no point giving all your Tau units the ability to shoot at aircraft if your opponent has none or just one unit upgraded would prove just as effective.

It is often a good idea to upgrade assault units to a maximum size and give the leader a decent close combat weapon as well as a quick and reliable way into combat to make the most of them but not so much if it means they have no covering fire from other units to help protect them on the way in.

i seldom upgrade a unit much at all and seldom even take a Sargent upgrade preferring to spend the points on more firepower. That does not mean that I don’t or wont but if I do it will be with a plan in mind and aim to make the most out of said upgrade.
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