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Thrudball Committee Members‏ Wanted

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Thrudball Committee Members‏ Wanted

Post  Giraffe on 2015-03-04, 01:09

Hello BRGANs, Frank here.

As you may know by now, I am hanging up my boots as Thrudball Organiser after this years event, scheduled
8-9th August 2015.

I have recently got permission from Thruds creator and Intellectual Property owner, Carl Critchlow, to "Pass the baton" to a Committee of 5 BRGANs - IF they can COMMIT to the role.

This committee, like myself before them, would have to adhere to certain provisos and responsibilities, and part of the roles involve protecting the reputation of BRGA as a club, its financial survival, and acting in a manner befitting of a GCN Club.

BRGA Club Leader and Thrudball Committee Agreement

1. Carl Critchlow allows BRGA's Club Leader and Thrudball Organisers to use Thrud but it remains Carl's intellectual property. If he decides to ever sell this IP to a third party, or just decides to rescind permission to use Thrud's IP, BRGA must cease use of Thrud imagery unless they can negotiate a similar agreement with the new owner of Thrud's IP.

2. BRGA's Club Leader and Thrudball Organisers must confirm with Carl Critchlow BEFORE using Thrud's IP for anything other than advertising the BRGA club or the Thrudball charity event. Also care must be taken to portray Thrud in a positive light; anything that damages Thrud's public image, causes offence, or is insulting or inflammatory, would potentially result in Carl having to withdraw permission to use Thrud's IP.

3. Thrud's IP must not be used for personal gain, though can be used to generate funds for the club provided 90% of the annual profits are donated to charity.

4. Sculpture of Thrud miniatures is entrusted by Carl to Heresy Miniatures only.


5. The Thrudball Committee agree to manage all aspects of the Thrudball event, which is split into the following roles and responsibilities, and is NOT exhaustive but is a guide:


i)                    The Leader of the Thrudball Committee, titled “Tournament Organiser(TO)”, has overall control of and responsibility for the success of the event; agrees allocation of tasks amongst the other committee members; performs chases on the Task List (overleaf/below) to ensure things happen as planned; MUST ATTEND THE EVENT, IT IS HIS EVENT.

ii)                  The “Financial Controller(FC)” monitors and deals with all aspects of the financial side of running Thrudball, including Risk, Loans (from the BRGA Account), Receipts and Payments, The Budget, taking Auction payments and “Bank of Frank“ type credit agreements – IF they continue once Frank is no longer Tourny Organiser. MUST ATTEND THE EVENT, or at LEAST the AUCTION.

iii)                The “Creative Architect(CA)” deals with all artwork and merchandise related issues, designs the Thrudlike Contest, Evening Entertainment concepts, sources Pro Painters and deals with Awards and Trophies.

iv)                The “IT Guru(IG)” obtains Letters of Authority, Updates the Thrudball Website before during and after the event, promotes the tourney on social media, updates Score! Yavatol with Attendees details, and sources Hardware & Stationary. MUST ATTEND THE EVENT, AT LEAST SET-UP of I.T., and be available. I.C.E.

v)                  The “Party Animal(PA)” – helps the others but is busiest DURING the event, supporting the  (TO), ensuring everyone is having an AWESOME time. MUST CAMP AT THE EVENT AND COOK THE CAMPERS BACON BUTTIES. Makes announcements, runs competitions such as Thrudlike Contest and Evening entertainment. Shields the Tourney Organiser from distractions, deals with the caterers and Entertainment. Recruits BRGANS.


 Thrudball Task List

  1. Book Hall – Early August – For the Following Year – And Obtain Written Confirmation Deposit is PAID / Carried Forward from previous year.

  2. Book Caterer - Early August – For the Following Year –Obtain Written Confirmation of when Deposit is REQUIRED

  3. Obtain Letters Of Authority from Charities supported by Thrudball / BRGA. January

  4. Sketch / Artwork / POSTER / Sculptor(s) / Mini Casting– Jan/ Feb/March - Depends on Lead time for and type of Merchandise, Carl usually updates the Thrudball POSTER for End March…

  5. Book Entertainment – Early March – For same year - Obtain Written Confirmation of when Deposit is REQUIRED – USUALLY 3 months from event

  6. Update Thrudball Website – Early April–Dates for Current year / Rules Pack / Details of entertainment, venue & caterer. Then at regular intervals as people sign up / auction items come in / Merchandise details are finalised.

  7. Promote Tournament on Social Media - NAF Website, TFF, Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, GCN Newsletter, Etc. AND at Bloodbowl Tourneys if you can make it to a few – NAFC in particular…

  8. Source Donations / Painters for the Thrudball Auction

  9. Financial Recording - ALL transactions – Previous and Current Year. PARTICULARLY the BUDGET & AUCTION. Keeping track of Merchandise quantities

  10. Update Awards / Source and Prepare Trophies / Plaques

  11. Score! Yavatol - database of Coaches, NAF#s NAF names, Team Race and Team Name

  12. Most Thrudlike Contest – invent 4 safe, funny challenges, 1 Strength, 1 beer drinking, 1 talent, 1 pain, and their Story, the Thrudlike moment.

  13. Evening Entertainment Ideas

  14. Check Early Bird Rosters

  15. Prepare Caterers a Food Order List

  16. Catalogue Auction Items – Who Bids for what, when they will pay.

  17. Printouts- Results Cards / Awards & Award Tracking Sheet / Board Numbers / Auction and Best Painted Letters / Most Thrudlike Judging Papers / Other.

  18. Source Hardware & Stationary– Printer / Laptop / Paper / Pens & Pencils

  19. Thank Donators and Contributors

  20. update website with pics after the event.


If at least the first three positions are not filled by End March 2015, I will retire Thrudball this year, and that will be that…


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Thrudball Committee must be voted in at the BRGA AGM 31/03/15, and are then committed to the event FINANCIALLY. The Thrudball Committee members each own an equal share of the financial responsibility for the event. If for whatever reason the event makes a loss, the Thrudball Committee members are then responsible for an equal share of any debts incurred by the failure of the event. Hence it is recommended that the Thrudball Committee take out a separate Insurance to cover this eventuality, unless all members are confident they can foot any such bill themselves.

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Re: Thrudball Committee Members‏ Wanted

Post  Lunchmoney on 2015-03-05, 15:22

Giraffe wrote:Hello BRGANs, Frank here.

As you may know by now, I am hanging up my boots as Thrudball Organiser after this years event, scheduled
8-9th August 2015[size=15].
I'm not a BRGAN, but I have to say thanks to Frank for the Thrudball fun I've had over the last few years. cheers

Good luck to those of you who take over. Wink

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