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Demo Games!

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Demo Games!

Post  ApacheFlame on 2015-07-08, 16:11

Hi all,

Warmachine/Hordes has been getting a fair bit of attention lately and I know a few people may want to throw down some dice. There is a little bit of explanation of what the games about below.

Demo Games
I'm happy to run small demo games for people that want to give it a go. If you want to get a flavour of a bigger game then come and sit in when we are playing and I'll try and walk you through the tactics. Drop a message in this thread of grab me on whatsapp/the club, saying whether you want to give it a go or sit in and we'll sort it out.

If enough people are interested and want to start, there is a potential of us running a small newbie tournament, so if you are interested, make sure you let one of the 'regular' players know or post below.

What is it?

Warmachine is set a skirmish game where your commander (Warcaster) uses magic (focus) to control massive dreadnoughts (Warjacks), they are supported by powerful solo characters or infantry units. The idea of the game is to either control objectives/zones until a certain number of points or kill the enemy warcaster.

Hordes is the same game, but instead of massive metal constructions it is all about the beasts. War Hogs, 'gaitors, dragons all controlled by their Warlocks. The games are interchangeable, basically run the same and can be played against each other. As it stands, we have more more warmachine players than hordes.

I'm a 40k/other large battle player, why should I play this?

It's a very different style of game. Each unit activates individually and does all of their actions for that turn before activating another unit. Each model has it's own abilities and stats (They come with cards, so no need to remember them). This forces you to plan your entire turn ahead of time as it may take several different models to set up an assassination run.

So, what are the armies like

Battlecollege gives a good overview of each faction here.

Current (or starting imminently) Players / Factions

  • Adam - Khador / Mercenaries (soon)
  • Ryan - Khador
  • Kyle - Retribution
  • Sam - Cryxx
  • Mark - Legion / Cyriss
  • Alfie - Menoth (soon)

If I've forgotten anyone or their other factions then let me know.

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Cryx for sale

Post  Fire-Warrior on 2015-07-09, 17:31

I have a fully painted to a good standard (anyone who knows me will know) cryx starter set, cryx dice, cryx counters and blast templates for sale. About £65 Retail. I'm selling for £50 if anyone's intersted

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