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Idea for DzC campaign

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Idea for DzC campaign

Post  BDA on 2015-07-21, 13:25

Each player can chose a commander at a set level.
They have to use this commander for each game where able. If he is killed then they must choose a new commander but must be at least one level lower to a minimum of 1.

At the start of each campaign turn everyone rolls off using there command level to determine who goes in order for placing Tokens in the in the Order phase.
The winner can decide to go first or last when placing orders.

If your commander is to higher level to take part in a game then you can use subordinates but they can be no higher than level 2. If your commander can take part in a game then he must do so. If your commander is in a game then you can use subordinate commanders of any level so long as it is lower than your commander.

Each commander gets 3 tokens to place on the map (we will have to do this in person in the club all together). Each one represents a force.
You can dedicate each token to either defend one of your islands or take/attack islands adjacent to yours.

You can combine tokens in any combination to grant you’re a more powerful force.

1 token = a raiding force
2 token = a skirmish force
3 token = a battle force

Each commander takes in turns to decide where a token will be placed until all the tokens are allocated.
So you could place one token and then reinforce it on the second pass or use the second token to attack/defend another island.

Each island occupied or otherwise has 3 markers.
Once you move a token onto an unoccupied island then it becomes yours. The more tokens you use to take the island the more marks are filled.
If you take an island with 1 token then it fills one marker for the island. This will increase one point a turn so long as it is not attacked by another faction.

If you attack an occupied island that is defended with a token then you will earn one marker for each token you used to attack with so long as you win, if you lose then it remains in their hands.
Examples: player A (who has 2 tokens) attacks Players B’s Island (defended with 2 tokens and has 3 markers)
In his first attempt he losses the game and so is pushed back.
In his next turn player A attacks again with 2 tokens and wins, claiming 2 of the 3 markers on the island so it is contested 2 to 1.

If you attack an occupied island that is not defended by tokens then you automatically claim that many markers equal to the tokens you used, if you remove all the enemies markers then you claim it as your own.
Examples: Player B moves 1 token onto an island with 3 markers owned by player A that is not defended with any tokens. Player B now has a marker on the island and player A loses 1 and the island is contested.

I am hoping this mini game system will help make things more interesting and add a little flavour to the game.
I see us all being fairly even to begin with and a large expansion but things will start to get more interesting as contact it made between factions and high ranking commanders are killed off .
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