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2k Friendly between Tom and Elvis

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2k Friendly between Tom and Elvis

Post  IASGATG on 2010-09-17, 15:35

Popped over to Elvis' house for a "quick" 2k friendly match up. I fielded my Dark Eldar, Elvis using his Chaos Marines. Elvis can feel free to post his army list and I'll integrate them into this thread.

My list:
HQ: Asdrubael Vect
HQ: Urien Rakarth, Retinue - 5x Uber Grotesques
Elite: 10x Wyches (Including Succubus) w/ Raider
Troops: 10x Warriors (Blaster Splinter cannon) w/ Raider
Troops: 10x Warriors (Blaster Splinter cannon) w/ Raider
Troops: 20x Warriors (Sybarite (Webway Portal) 2x Splinter Cannons, 2x Blasters)
Troops: 10x Warriors (2x Dark Lances)
Troops: 10x Warriors (2x Dark Lances)
Troops: 10x Warriors (2x Dark Lances)
Heavy Support: 6x Scourges (Sybarite (Webway Portal) 4x Splinter cannons)
Heavy Support: 1x Ravager (3x Dark Lances)
Heavy Support: 1x Talos

Elvis list:
Plague Marines
Noise Marines
Possessed Marines
Khorne Beserkers w/ KHAAAAAAAAAAN the betrayer
2x Rhinos
Daemon Prince
Greater summoned Daemon

We played a seize the objective mission with 3 objectives. It was a spearhead deployment. Elvis won the roll-off and I failed to steal the initiative.

(Pictures are a little out of focus, hard to focus in on so much + in a rush. Razz Also too lazy to resize them.)


Turn 1:

Movement phase: Everything but the plague marines moved down the board. The possessed got out of the rhino ready to attack the warriors.
Shooting phase: A ton of fire was thrown into the Haemonculi and his Grotesques. Morale test was taken and failed. Further fire was thrown at the Scourges who also failed their morale test and routed.
Assaullt phase: N/A

Dark Eldar:
Movement phase: The Haemonculi rallied along with the scourges. The scourges moved 3" towards the objective. The warriors moved six inches around to the objective.
Shooting phase: The warriors deployed their Webway Portal before opening firing on the possessed, killing one I believe.
Assault phase: N/A

Turn 2:

Movement phase: Raptors deepstriked beside my Haemonculi. An aspiring champion of Khorne exploded into a greater daemon. Units continued to move down the board. The Daemon prince flanking around the terrain. Possessed move to the warrior squad.
Shooting phase: The warriors get hit, the Scourges get hit once more, falling to one man. The Haemonculi gets hit, falling to himself and loyal Barry.
Assault phase: Possessed charge the warriors, after the melee, the possessed are down to 3, the warriors are down to 9. They retreat and avoid the sweeping advance.

Dark Eldar:
Movement phase: Half my armour pours out of the webway. Three sniper teams, Wyches, Ravager and Talos. The retreating warriors rally themselves. The wyches dismount from the raider and start to move around to face the daemon prince. The Haemonculi moves towards the Raptors. The lone Scourge jetpacks over towards the chaos.
Shooting phase: The poor possessed get hammered by 32 splinter rifle shots. The Ravager opens fire on a rhino, melting it. The raptors get hit by a salvo of splinter cannon fire from the warriors that just retreated. Those still standing get hit by the Haemoculi's destrutor, a weapon that fires a flame-thrower template, automatically wounds, and the 1d6 AP = 2. Ouch. Finally the Scourge deploys his WWP.
Assault phase: Wyches charge into the daemon prince. Having recieved 1+ str from their drugs, the succubus drinks a delightful cocktail of her own, 1+ attacks and re-roll misses. After 5 hits on a 4+ wound, then 36 hits from the wyches, the big fella falls over.

Turn 3:

Movement: Defiler continues to move towards the carnage in the middle. The greater summoned daemon retreats back into the forest. KHAAAAN and his mates hop out their ride and move up to assist him. The noise marines and obliterators continue to move towards the second objective.
Shooting phase:

Will update later.
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