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FAQ in 6th

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FAQ in 6th

Post  Johnny KTOU on 2012-09-05, 09:29

Starting a new thread for the issues with rules in 6th. As the games go and some rules keep beeing unclear we'll update the post. Don't hesitate to post if you have any rules questions.

Wound allocations and Look out Sir for a start, that I realised I've played wrong...

So far, I've differenciated when there was same or different saves: in the second case I've played it so that the character LOS before taking the save, and therefore the model that takes the wound, now has to take the save

It's not entirely right, as you can choose to take the saves first and then LOS REGARDLESS of the unit composition.

It means for example against AP2 weapons, you can have a 2++ paladin at the front, that takes his saves 1 by 1, and when he fails he can allocate by passing the LOS tests.

It also means if the 2++ paladin is at the back you can choose to LOS before saving, allocating to the 2++ paladin and use his inv save.

Wound allocation system hasn't changed from the way we played it, there is still a differenciation between mixed saves and same saves, but the difference is in when LOS! is rolled.

Hope that makes sense.
Johnny KTOU
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LVL 6 Augmented Cyber Goblin

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Re: FAQ in 6th

Post  Warmaster Benji on 2012-09-11, 18:31

you're kind of right, LoS only works for character models though (sargeants and IC's), so in the second example, unless the person shooting at the character can allocate (rollings 6's with another character) you always take wounds from the front first. However, if the IC is at the front, you can (after passing LoS) re-allocate, but I think it goes to the next person that is closest, not for example one from the back.
Warmaster Benji
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LVL 3 Dragon Curry Afterburn

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