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BRGA Leeg 2013-14: Meeting 15/01/13 Summary

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BRGA Leeg 2013-14: Meeting 15/01/13 Summary

Post  Giraffe on 2013-01-18, 07:12

Hi guys, here is a summary of the Bloodbowl Meeting we had on Tuesday 15/01/13 to discuss the New Leeg.

17 Definates:
Richard Billingshurst, Stephane Boiron, Mark Day, Angel Deacons, Garry Deacons, Elvis Fisher,
Tony Greenwood, Amelie Goodchild, Frank Hill, Wayne Johnston, Mike Ragless , Aaron Stemp,
Richard Bryant, Brenton Hodgeson,  Steve Homer, James Inwood, Ben Pollard.


1)£10 Leeg Prize Fund (as last year) and your Roster at clubTuesday 29/1

2) Random Draw (to determine your Division) held 29/1 at club. Done see


4)Season 1 Round 1 Starts 1st Feb.

The plan is to run for 4 Seasons, with 4 Divisions per season, (16-17 coaches), so Approx
4 or 5 Players Per Division, i.e. 3-4 Matches/Rounds (Round-Robin) per Division.

Starting Team Rating TR100, no Pre-Season Training. LRB6.

We play each other once per Season, then top & bottom Teams get Promoted / relegated based on
W/L/D=3/1/0 points, then TD Diff, Then CAS Diff then TR then dice off/pistols at dawn/etc...

WLD Points are reset to zero after each Season.

Each round MUST last no longer than 1 calendar month (perhaps quicker for 5 player Divisions, as
they've an extra match "& random bye" to fit in). Hence a season is 3 Months.

We agreed a £10 Leeg Prize Fund per Coach (per season this works out at only 77p*/wk!).

This not only discourages dropping out, it also pays for End of League Prizes, Awards and other
Incentives to keep coaches interested (e.g. a Seasonal "Finished Fastest and First" (FFAF)Pint,
to encourage coaches to arrange matches quicker).

People may still Drop-Out though, if so Stand In's from ANOTHER DIVISION or the OPEN LEEG will play
instead, with a basic TR100 team.

If a coach fails to turn up to TWO arranged dates at the Newtown (or offsite IF a third coach from a DIFFERENT Division referees), then in addition to the normal conceding rules in LRB6 the winner also gains 3 random td and causes 3 random casualties, which he randomly assigns to both teams.

If 2 coaches due to work/home commitments/illness etc cannot find 1 day in the Round’s Month-Duration
where they can meet to play their Match/Round, they can either:

• agree to not play, which counts as a 0-0 Draw, NO MVP's to either team or
source 2 Stand-In's as per a Drop-Out above.

ALL Match results MUST be recorded on Blank Match Reports, which I, Frank will provide, plus also
get you all online access to. I will commit to entering results within 48 hours of receiving your form,
or your next BRGA Club session is on ME!

Alternatively Coaches can enter their own results onto stuntyleeg via this form PROVIDED I am given the
Blank Match Reports directly afterwards
, so I can check they have been entered correctly.

They MUST be checked for accuracy and signed by BOTH coaches the moment the match ends (PLEASE USE LEDGIBLE
BLOCK CAPITALS), as anything omitted (or in arabic) will be omitted from stuntyleeg.

If coaches cannot agree/recall/provide a Match Result Card by the end of the round-month, it will go down as
a 0-0 & No-MVP result.

AMENDING Match Results Cards WON’T BE ALLOWED once the Next Round begins**

Swapping / Joining / Leaving:
Once each Season completes (in your Division), coaches may join or leave "Leeg2013-14".

Your Existing "Leeg2013-14"Team can be "swapped*" with your "Open Leeg**" Teams PROVIDED:

•   your "Open Leeg" Team’s TR <= MIN(your "Leeg 2013-14" Team’s TR , AVERAGE(current TR's in your division))

Note If you do this, the team you swap in stays in the Division that you've just been promoted / relegated TO.
If you start a New TR100 Team, you enter in the bottom Division.

Fun Suggestions: lol!
• Add Fouls & Team Fouls to Match Sheet and Award “Golden Boot" at end of Leeg2013-14
• Allow coaches to write-off money from their treasury and create a “Most Wanted” poster of an opponents
particularly annoying Star Player. GP goes to the team of the coach who Kills the Star (maybe SI / maims if Most
Wanted Poster says so).

*In fact the Leeg Prize Fund is only 59p a week, as this also pays for the four Major Bloodbowl tournaments****, one
between each Season, with unique prizes for your Roster(e.g. Free Rerolls, etc). They will not
be compulsory to enter, and will Run for 1 Calendar Month.

**Exception: IF CORRECT on Match Results Form and I Type them incorrectly, I'll make amends via admin rights.

***Stephane will run an “Open Leeg” continuously, for those wanting build their Bloodbowl teams (indefinitely).
Teams from Leeg2012 and previous Leeg's can join the Open Leeg, and can be swapped-in to Leeg2013-14 at a later date.

See Stephane’s Post “BRGA Open League” on the warbunka forum for details of the “Open Leeg”

****The Blood Bowl Cup, the Spike Trophy, The Chaos Cup and the DungeonBowl)

Last edited by Giraffe on 2015-02-10, 21:44; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : clarification for players not turning up to arranged matches twice. voted 7+o/o 12)

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