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the resistance

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the resistance

Post  BDA on 2014-08-22, 00:54

the resistance is the newest faction to play as part of DzC.
they are the survivors of the original scourge invasion and where often the survivalists, in remote locations or just got lucky. the scourge have left them alone for the most part as they don't like going underground to dig them out as it is to much effort and it affects the scourge hive mind like ability to function as well. there equipment is whatever military tech that was not destroyed by the scourge so mainly stuff in for repair or mothballed. otherwise they use mad max style civilian vehicle they Jerry-rig with weapons and it is all patched and repaired as best as they can.

i have not seen the stats for the units yet but there is lots of ways to play this faction, first off all resistance forces are there own little kingdom and some are little more that spear welding loony's while others have lot of old military tech. some welcome the UCM and others oppose them. if there is one thing that i have seen is that there units are all durable, maybe not with Armour but they can take damage one way or another.

ground units:
lots of old military tech but they do have lots of small lightly armored cars with big guns mounted on the back. the mad-max stuff is cheap and dose not have active countermeasures for the most part but that is not problem vs short ranged scourge. they can combine fire to overwhelm there targets countermeasures. so far they seem to have both tracked and wheeled units but no walkers or skimmers apart from hover craft.

Drop ships/transports:
they have one drop ship called a lift halk that is rather durable and can have a Jerry rigged AA gun mounted on it is used to transport the more military based units. they also have hovercraft that allow units on board to fire the turn they dismount and that is very handy, one of them is massive and can carry 4 liberated scourge plasma cannons and 24 small trucks. there last transport option is a tunneling device that can deliver small units anywhere on the table but they are rare.

they seem to have some nutty biker units that have sticky mines and there infantry all have little one shot rocket launchers and large squad size. they can also deploy from underground tunnels via a digger unit, if you chose the faction that works with the UCM you can get some super elite units.

they have a fast moving flyer that can turn to hover mode and is ideally suited to ground attack as well as some attack helicopters, if you decide to team up with the UCM you can use elite archangel interceptors but if you want to oppose them then they can Jerry-rig a lift hawk to carry a truly massive bomb.

This is a general overview and there are exception.
Use this thread to ask questions about this faction
LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory
LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory

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Re: the resistance

Post  WarBunka-Charlie on 2014-08-23, 09:22

So you will be able to ally this faction with the UCM?

I hope this faction will rely on cunning tactics and gorilla warfare :-)

So often with wargames you find that a cheaper faction will always end up with a horde style mentality, strength in numbers.

Will be nice to see a change

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Re: the resistance

Post  BDA on 2014-08-23, 23:11

From what I understand you can use elite ucm units. But as you can 3 + players you can have a bit of a team up.

Their are a number of ways to play the resistance, horde is just one Smile
LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory
LVL 7 Mobile Armoured Dice Factory

Posts : 871
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Age : 39

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Re: the resistance

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