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Lashwhips, now this is just funny...

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Lashwhips, now this is just funny...

Post  Johnny KTOU on 2011-06-15, 00:01

From the Nids FAQ:
Q: If a model with Lash Whips is attacking a model
with an Initiative-boosting rule/piece of wargear (e.g.
Furious Charge, an Eldar Banshee Mask etc.), which
order are the Initiatives modified?
A: The Lash Whips will reduce an enemy model’s
initiative to 1 before any other modifiers are
applied. So, a model with Furious Charge that
assaults a Tyranid with Lash Whips will strike at
Initiative 2, and an Eldar with a Banshee Mask will
strike at Initiative 10 in the first round of assault.

From the Grey Knights FAQ:
Q: If a model with a Nemsesis force halberd has had his
Initiative reduced to a fixed number by an
ability/special rule, do they still get the +2 Initiative
from the Halberd? (p54)
A: No.

Now this is just funny... not... That's what I call consistency GW... So everything gets the boost (Furious Charge, Banshee Mask, Brotherhood Champion...), but not Nemesis Halberds... confused
Johnny KTOU
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LVL 6 Augmented Cyber Goblin

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